There is a Blood Donation Drive today, 27th May 2011 at Toa Payoh Community Centre. This is our second time to gather together for blood donation! We are really grateful for this opportunity and are excited to be part of this blood donation drive.
Our blood contains many live-saving components that can save lives. Each pack of blood that we donate can be used to treat 3 different kinds of injuries and illnesses. The process of blood donation is simple and we can assure you that it is not painful at all! Having registered our personal particulars and gone through a health assessment questionnaire, a doctor then confirm that we are fit for blood donation. Our blood haemoglobin level was checked and those that passed the test will be ready to donate their blood! Simple as that! A local painkiller will be injected so that the process is pain-free. We had light refreshments that was provided to us and went to have lunch together to end the day…
We would like to take this opportunity to sing praises of our fellow colleagues Coey, Orange and Lisa who were denied for blood donation today. Coey and Orange has been putting in effort to gain weight the past three months in hope that they can pass the test today. However, they are both still a few kilograms short and the doctor was concerned. Lisa was not able to donate blood today as well because her iron level in the body was not sufficient for blood donation. It was a pity but after all, it’s the thoughts that count! We would also like to comment on Miko’s courage on donating blood for the second time despite feeling severely nauseous after blood donation the previous time.
Give Blood. Give Life. We hope to see you at the next blood donation drive!
P.S We will be there on the 26th Aug 2011!