Since our establishment in year 2001, we seek to provide a holistic approach to achieve the best results for every customer that walks through our door

Established in 2001, Carelyna embodies high quality, customized beauty solutions tailored for both ladies & gentlemen. We aspire to bring out and emphasize your unique aesthetic qualities. As unique individuals, we understand the need for customization towards health and beauty.

For over a decade, we have adopted a unique, holistic and scientific approach towards beauty. Not only do we help client look and feel better, we strive to attain the best possible results through creating customized solutions.

While results are of utmost importance, we also believe in providing exceptional pre and post treatment services. Your journey with us begins from the very second our qualified consultants receive you at the outlet of choice. We value the trust you put in us and it is our mantra to provide the highest level of service to make your transformation a physically and spiritually unique one.

When you decide on Carelyna, we ask one thing of you. That you make a conscious decision to be at the forefront of cutting edge technology and that you want products that are industry trail blazers. The ingredients used in our products are not only of the best quality; they have been trialed and tested to be most effective on Asian skin. Our consultants are your best source of information so please reach out to them on any queries you might have.
Regardless of your desire to eliminate unwanted hair growth, rejuvenate and attain smooth radiant skin, enhance the beauty of your eyes through brow shaping, or lose unwanted fats, we are here for you.
Our offerings embody our 4 core values:

  • Customized solutions that fit your needs
  • Advanced Cutting Edge Technology that works
  • Results Oriented so you get the results you desire
  • Exceptional service so you feel special, pampered, and beautiful

Regardless of your needs, we will provide you with treatments and solutions that are advanced and scientifically grounded. It is our promise that we strive to exceed your expectations and take every step with you in your journey to discover a new you. We invite you to begin your journey with us by exploring our list of services.